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Our Team of Professionals - D & D OPPS, LLC:

D & D On-Point Protective Services, LLC offers some of the best professional security services in the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors located in the Maryland area. With over 50 years of combined experience in law enforcement and physical security we bring to you an unprecedented level of quality, safety standards and crime prevention.

Executive Management at D & D OPPS, LLC works closely with the law enforcement agencies, clients and their security officers in order to offer a reciprocal working relationship with our community partners. Our team of highly qualified executive management officers are highly trained professionals and knowledgeable in the industry.

D & D OPPS, LLC employees are all highly trained, ethically motivated and morally sound. We continuously monitor our employees and their performances. This continuous monitoring keeps officers on their toes, abreast of latest safety measures, techniques and innovative approaches to security. In-Service training will assist in keeping our officers trained on the latest security technology. D & D On-Point Protective Services, LLC also offers employees and subcontractors some free security training classes and a pleasant working environment.

Our team of officers will work with our clients to ensure the safest of environments coupled with securing their assets and property. All officers go through a thorough criminal background check, a DMV record check, medical physical and a pre-employment drug screening before being hired to ensure that our employees meet our standards. Our open line of communication with our employees helps us to provide a good working relationship between the officers and upper management. Our officers will maintain a situational awareness at all times to assist with minimizing risks on site or at your place of business.

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