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Security Services - D & D On-Point Protective Services, LLC

PHYSICAL SECURITY: Armed Uniformed Guards, Unarmed Uniformed Guards, Hospitality Officers, Security Patrol Services, School Security, Government Contracts, Playgrounds & Parks, Office Building, Condominiums, Townhome Communities and more.

SECURITY PATROLS: Foot Patrol, Electronic Key Fob Patrol, Vehicle Patrols and more.


COMMUNITY POLICING: We will be available to attend and support community meetings, fairs and seminars when you become a contracted client. We will offer training on crime awareness and deterrence techniques to community leaders as part of our crime fighting initiative.

PUBLIC SAFETY SERVICES: A few of our services provided are: First Responder, Crowd Control, Off Duty Police, Guard Booth Duty, Traffic Control, etc. Security Site Assessments and Risk Management Services are available upon request. 

SPECIAL EVENT SERVICES: Personal Protection, First Responder, Crowd Control, Off Duty Police, Closed Circuit TV Monitoring, School Events, Conventions, Parking Lot Details also Access and Confiscation Services, etc. 

SPORTING EVENTS: We will provide physical security for all types of events: Football, Basketball and Baseball games, Track & Field events, etc. Traffic and parking details along with confiscation services can also be provided upon request.

SECURITY TRAINING PROGRAM: Standard training and education is vital for security personnel.

D & D OPPS, LLC will ensure that our officers are highly trained in various security courses, documentation and report writing. Classes will include: uniform code of conduct, customer service, sexual harassment, diversity training, etc. Officers will obtain certification in First Aid & CPR upon successful completion of courses. A physical security certification will be issued upon successful completion of: detainment, handcuffing, OC Spray and baton procedures.

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